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Great King Peak Scenic Area (Da Wang Feng)


         has an area of 3.5 sq km, including the following tourist attractions: Wuyi Palace, King Peak, Manting Peak, Sangu Rock, Three Purity Hall, Zhu Xi's Memorial Hall, Wanchu Garden and Song Dynasty Street. The place in front of the Wuyi Palace and near the outlet of the Nine Bend Stream is where emperors used to offer sacrifices to Lord Wuyi.

    The Wuyi Palace is one of the six famous Taoist temples in China. Some ancient scholars, such as Xin Qiji, Lu You and Zhu Xi, once served as supervisors here. The King Peak towers like a huge pillar supporting Heaven. The peak is surrounded by sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. There is only one path, from the south, leading to the top of the peak.

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