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the One Line Sky-Huxiao Rock Scenic Area

   Over 17 sq. km, the One Line Sky-Huxiao Rock Scenic Area includes the following scenic spots: One Line Sky, Sanji Peak, Lounge Rock, Lingxiao Peak, Sancai Peak and Huxiao Rock

. Huxiao Rock rises straight from the ground, imposing and powerful. In the middle of the rock there is a huge cave.     When the wind blows through it, it makes a sound like a tiger roaring. From the summit there is a panorama of a forest of peaks and floating white clouds. There are the famous Huxiaobajing including Bailiandu, Jiyunguan, Poxiandai, Pumendou, Fayuxianhe,Yuerquan,Bulangzhou,Binxidong,.
It is one of the major scenic spots of Wuyishan City.

   A towering crag cuts across the mountain valley. There is a crack in middle of the crag, as if it had been cut by an ax. Looking through the crack, you will only see a thin line of sky. Hence the name One Line Sky. It is the longest, narrowest, and highest view of the sky in China. The rock is like a huge wall lying across a broad gully. Tourists entering the rock through Fuxi Cave can feel their way through the chill, dark, eeriness, and emerge at a spot where the rock opens out neatly to a stretch over 100 meters in length, o­ne meter in breadth, and at a height of dozens of meters. A narrow strip of sky can be seen at the tips of the vertical rocks that tower o­n both sides when looking up from the opening.

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