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Wu Fu Town, original named as Wu Fuli was set up in Jin Dynasty(about 1700 years ago ) By then ,five senior officials were born in this area .There were many famous people from in the region ,such as Liuyong ,a famous ci poet in the northern Song Dynasty.Zhuxi spend his childhood here with his adoptive father after his fathers death.You could see the house he lived ,the Xinxian Academy where he taught the students ,and the alley where he passed by everyday to visit his friends and teachers as well as the warehouse he set up for the bad time when the crops could not be harvested to rescue the local people .

  Zhu Xi is one of the great personalities in the history of world culture. He served as a consultant and teacher of the emperor, and in several instances, he declined an imperial offer of an official position because he was not enthusiastic about politics. He worked as an official for nine years but devoted himself to writing scholarly works and establishing a philosophy. 

      He opened more than 50 academies in the Wuyi Mountain areas of Fujian Province and taught several thousand students there, some of whom became renowned philosophers. Zhu Xi was an accomplished writer and published more than 70 books in 460 volumes.

     Among his books, Zhu Family Instructions is especially significant and exerted a widespread influence. The book describes the relations between family members of various ages and the roles all of the family members should play in the family and society as well as the moral principles and obligations they should observe.


    Zhu Xi was still working on a book about great learning three days before his death, and the book was used as the criterion of imperial examinations for 700 years. He devoted himself to educational works and is unmatched in the history of Chinese education.

     Today, Zhu Xi's teachings have been disseminated to all corners of the world. In some countries such as Japan and South Korea, Zhu Xi's philosophy is considered an official or national philosophy of learning. Many world-famous universities, including Harvard, Hawaii, and Columbia, offer doctor's degrees in Zhu Xi's philosophy. In Singapore and Thailand, people are encouraged to learn Zhu Xi's philosophy, and the philosophy is now growing in popularity in universities in Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

     In October 2000, scholars and specialists from various countries gathered at the Memorial Hall of Zhu Xi in the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province and attended the International Academic Seminar on Zhu Xi's Philosophy and the 21st Century to commemorate this great man of ancient China.
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